Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun Day

We had a fantastic day on Saturday (13 March '10) - on Janet's farm. She organised a Fun Day (Fundraiser) for Miracle Kidz.

The children had an absulute ball! They rode on the tractor, fed the animals, jumped on the jumping castle, played with the miniature horse, had their faces painted and rode on all the 'fun rides' just about a zillion times.

The bit of rain didn't seem to bother anyone - we all had fun while picnicking under the gazebo's and watching the children play and run around.

Thank you so much Janet - to you and your family - for a really great day, and for letting us spend it on your farm.

Thank you also to everyone who was there and supported Miracle Kidz - and to those who baked and iced the cupcakes, made the popcorn and biscuits and sponsored the other goodies.

We appreciate everyone's help and support very much!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update - at last!

Firstly - appoligies for only updating the blog now! We have been very busy in our new home with all the work that had to be done. We also had a lot of new kiddies in and out since Christmas.

It has been a very busy , and very blessed New Year for Miracle Kidz.

A very BIG thank you to everyone who helped make it possible to move into the house, for all the work you did and time you offered.
We really appreciate it very much - without you we couldn't have done it.

Also - THANK YOU to all the sponsors who donated paint, tiles, work men, gardening services, etc. The house looks beautiful!

We enjoy living there very much - and the children are absolutely fond of the big garden and their new 'neighbours' - the horses.

We urge veryone who wants to make contact, or a donation towards the care of the children, to please send an e-mail to strandmiraclekids@gmail.com or phone 072 761 9301 for more info.

Our banking details - if you would like to make a cash donation is:

ABSA Savings Account Name: Miracle Kidz
Account number: 919 328 7897
Branch Code: 334 312
Reference: Your Name

For all of those who are a first time visitor to the blog - or who are not quite sure what Miracle Kidz is al about, and what we do, please take the time to read below:

Miracle Kidz is a safe house - meaning a house of safety for abondoned, abused and/or neglected babies and toddlers up to the age of prefferably 5 years old.

The children that come to us are - for example - removed from their homes by the social workers or police. They are then put in our safe care by the Children's Court. The social workers investigate their circumstances, and finds alternative care for them. Safe care with us is a temporary placement.

We are not an adoption agency - we are not an orphanage - and we are not a children's home. We do sometimes assist the social workers in finding foster parents - but the final decision is made by them (the social workers and the Children's Court).

Anybody wanting to foster or addopt a child or children, should speak to a social worker in their area (for example Badisa, Childrens Welfare, ACVV, etc).

As we are a registered non profit organisation - we rely on donations made by individuals, businesses and other organizations to care for the children.

Safe care also means that the children's identities and other personal information must be kept confidential at all times. Anyone who visits the house are not allowed to ask the care givers and/or house parents about the children's circumstances and/or reasons they are there - also not to share any information regarding the children with anyone else. Visitors and volunteers are also not allowed to take pictures (photo's) of the children for any reason at all. Once you have commited yourself to being a volunteer - it will be expected of you to volunteer your time and services as often as neccesary and possible, as it is very unsetling for the children to have new and strange people around all the time.

It is a very big commitment and the decision to volunteer should not be taken lightly.

Information such as children's ages will only be given in the event of someone hosting a party and wanting to buy / give gifts. We always appreciate help and donations and urge people to get involved. It is however very important to keep personal info very confidential for the sake of the children's safety.

We hope that you will check in again soon - as we promise to keep the blog updated more often.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Finally, Public Works have given us a decision and we have a house to rent that will comfortably accommodate us.

We will be moving out of our existing house at the end of this month.


We do however need a lot of work to be done on the house, tiling the bathroom, light fittings are missing, curtain tracks missing etc etc. Any donations would be most welcome.

Lots of cleaning and clearing to do in the house and the garden, but all that will be done with joy in our hearts to know that Chrismas this year will be in our own home where we will be staying for a long time.

Thank you to all that have put in so much time and effort to make these things happen.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Life In the House

We are all really nicely settled now in the house and the children are all very happy.

We are continuously blessed with kind residents that help us financially, emotionally and physically - with regular visits to provide stimulation and activities for the children.

We now need to sort through all the excess goodies we receive and are wanting to share some of our good fortune by donating these items to others less privileged than ourselves - we just have to find the time.

We are fortunate to have a park near our house and regularly visit the park, which is a huge treat for the children.

We would like to thank everyone for their support, as without you, we could not carry on doing what we do.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Today she is 3

Today its one of the little one's birthday and she is turning 3. ABSA Bank in Meadowridge kindly donated some party packs for her and her friends. Clara and Elsie had to improvise with a cake we curently have no stove and are only able to cook on a gas plate. The cake is a pretty barbie doll with a full skirt of cake [aka swiss roll (hee hee)]

It is still a bit crazy at the house as we continue to unpack and find things in boxes, but it is so nice to have our own stuff around us again.

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